ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

busy bee

I've had too busy a week to sum up effectively and still note all the good stuff, even in shorthand for myself.

I did a couple of very nice long swims in Horn Pond last weekend, and had the ever-interesting experience of getting some serious looks at other families' dynamics. I had smores and enjoyed escaping from crowds into the water.

blivious and razil came over to the pond on Monday to visit with folks, and I went back to Portland with them to visit a bit and welcome them back to the area. There was a lot of waiting involved there, since they were in mid-move hassle, but it was great to catch up with them. Thursday, before busing back to Boston (I almost typed "the US". hmm.), razil and I baked apple crisp for breakfast, and the rain was pouring, and I got a heavy hankering for fall. Mmmm. Fall. It's been so long!

Then I skeedadled back to Boston, got my haircut fixed, met penk and son for dinner (Rainforest Cafe. What can I say but: whoa.), slept a lot, and then headed off to Rockport with penk for an overnight. We had delicious hot dogs for lunch, wandered out the breakwater and listened to the ocean, napped (well, he did), wandered some more, returned to our favorite dinner place from last year, watched some TV, slept more, wandered more, had hot dogs again and just generally had a very nice, well-connected time.

Of course, the back of my mind was working out how to get him to his surprise party in Salem on Saturday, and I did, without too many problems (my compulsive earliness when going somewhere unknown was complicated by the fact that I was bringing the guest who was supposed to show up last!), the sail was lovely, and all in all, I think it went very well. Kudos to catya for pulling it all together!

Today was full of odds and ends, and I'm finishing up with packing for the coming week in Wyoming. I leave tomorrow and come back next Tuesday, and I expect to be online from there from time to time, between visits to Yellowstone, GTNP, and, perhaps, a hot air balloon ride, if I can find one.

Don't miss me too much!

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