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I stayed up too late last night gossiping with the roommates. It was fun, actually, but I regretted it this morning. Well, at least it's Wednesday...

I had a great dentist appointment yesterday. I'm one of those weird people who really likes going to the dentist. I got lucky, dentally, in the genetic game of roulette, and I take good care of my mouth, so I don't tend to have dental problems. So, basically, going to the dentist is a chance to get my teeth really clean and have people compliment me on what great teeth and gums I have. Not too shabby! Yesterday, the dentist complained that I'm never gonna put his kids through college. Hee :>

Had a really lovely lunch with Jack, Aubrey and Boudicca at Bluefin. I really love that restaurant. I think that's my main sadness at not being in Porter Square, anymore :) She invited me to join them in collecting her hawk, Philippe, from the hawk doc, and I declined, because I had a TON of laundry to do, and I'm all out of socks and underwear! Lamely, I then ended up NOT doing my laundry! So tonight it HAS to happen, whether I like it or not. At least doing it at the laundomat means that it all gets done in one fell swoop...

My schedule for the next couple of weeks is ridiculous. Tonight is free, but then I don't have a free night until the 18th! How crazy is that?

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