ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion


I'm finally starting to think about getting serious about looking for a job. I'm not desperate, yet, so I'm still hoping to avoid boring administrative assistant type work (if it's primarily answering phones or opening letters, for example), but...

The tricky thing is that, although I have five years of post-college work experience, I didn't actually learn much of anything useful in my last job, so I'm basically qualified, skill-set-wise, for the same sorts of jobs I was when I graduated, which is somewhat limiting. But I'm really smart and a fast learner, so I'm sure that any of those jobs that have qualifications like, "1-3 years experience herding cats," or, "Experience singing in the library without disturbing people," are things that I could learn quickly, even if I don't have much actual experience in them. How do I convince potential employers of that?

And, of course, if anyone knows of openings that might be interesting, do let me know. I'm especially interested in working in a funky and/or interesting nonprofit doing Good Stuff. I'd like to be in some sort of coordination/project management position, but I'm willing to do less interesting things for more interesting organizations.

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