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Well, that was fun!

Despite having had almost 20 respondants interested in the Spanish conversation group, only 2 people besides me showed up, but all three of us were at relatively equivalent levels of Spanish, which meant that we were able to chat for more than an hour with ease. I wonder if the folks who didn't show up will be emailing to inquire about later meetings -- I hope so. Three was a fine size for today, but I think more people would make it more dynamic and maybe help it develop a life of its own.

All that said, I thought it was fun. I'm so terrible at making small talk in English that I was concerned that it would break down even more in Spanish, but since we didn't know each other, there was a lot of getting-to-know-you type stuff to chat about, and we all, it turns out, have done a lot of travelling, which is always good for giving people things to talk about.

For now, though, I'm feeling very pleased. Thanks, beah for the cookies, and I'm glad you came!


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