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I've just figured something out about myself and food: I like it more when I work for it.

That's not to say that I want to make big, elaborate meals all the time, or even that I want to cook all the time. And sometimes, I crave some stupid food that takes no effort at all. But...

I have this chocolate from Guatemala for making hot chocolate beverages. It's a little slow, though, because you have to melt it down in milk or water before drinking it, rather than just dumping a couple of spoonsful of mix into the liquid. I've had powdered chocolate mixes on hand for years, always thinking, "Mmm! Hot chocolate!" but never drinking them. But since the weather has turned to fall, I've done the Guatemalan chocolate thing a couple of times. It takes more time and attention than the powders, but I'm more interested in doing it. Why?

It's just fascinating.

I don't balk at the prospect of spending 3 hours making my favorite stew, but I can't be bothered to boil water for the udon noodles that looked so tasty when I got them at the store. I'm happy to wile away the afternoon attempting the perfect quiche, but it's just not worth the effort of heating up the can of soup that piqued my interest on the shelf.

Sure, sometimes all I want is the easy out, the quick microwaveable snack, but these days, time seems to correlate with enjoyment. Could be that we spend more time on yummier food, but I don't know, there's some tasty frozen stuff out there these days.

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