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LEAP interview: That went well!

When going to an interview that you have determined is taking place conveniently near the 94 bus line, it's a good idea to take the 94, not the 96.

Fortunately, I had given myself lots of time, so I walked from Medford Square to the interview, which ended up being about a 20 minute walk, which would have been really nice if it weren't for the rain.

The interview portion went well -- I was there for about 2 hours, we discussed the organization, where they've been, where they're going, and how the open position might play into all of that. I think it could be a really interesting job with some great opportunities for growth (I would eventually be in charge of hiring and supervising staff, and I think management experience would be a really great thing to have), and a casual work environment (out of my would-be boss's home in Medford). I like what the organization is doing, and it would be flexible enough that I could have outside activities without problems. The fellow who interviewed me would also be the person I would be working with most closely, and we hit it off well.

The down-side of it all is that the pay is at the very bottom end of my salary requirement range (and, in fact, it's not IN the range, but I'm keeping an open mind), and I'm unclear on what kind of other benefits they would be providing -- I'm gathering not many. A low salary with fine benefits is one thing, but with minimal benes... is harder.

I was his first interview for this position, and he said (more than once) that he was very impressed. If I were his last interview and he were giving that reaction, I would be shocked not to get an offer, but since he has 7 other people to meet, it's all up in the air.

So, I'll be hearing from him by the weekend about next steps.

In only moderately related news, though, I left my umbrella at his house. Rats. How inconvenient! I guess I'll have to email him and figure out a time to go by and get it. Grr.

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