September 3rd, 2002


New home, new annoyances

First, the good news:
* All of my stuff is in the new place, and the new place is wonderful. It has nice high ceilings and wonderful newly finished wood floors, and biiiig windows! I love the location, and Melissa, one of the new roommates, is pretty fab. I have good feelings about Bekah, too, but I haven't gotten to hang out with her, yet. They're both opera singers. This could be interesting.

Now, the bad news:
* No fridge until Thursday. Inconvenient, annoying, not the end of the world.
* No cable/cable modem/phone until the landlord approves some drilling, etc. This could be a major hassle, as the property management fellow is totally unhelpful and may well say no, depending on what needs doing. I wonder if it would be simpler to use ATT? I guess that's my backup plan.
* No land line, so I'll use my cell. Cell only works in the middle of the kitchen. Time for a new provider.
* Filthy windows.

At this point, I'm most annoyed about the cable stuff. It all depends on this annoying Bob guy at the property management company, and so far, he seems totally uninterested in being even remotely helpful. This might actually be worse than dealing with the landlord proper. Too bad he's such a jerk thus far.

We'll see if together with RCN I can get this fixed up. Whee/ugh.
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