September 11th, 2002


Beware, Vampires!

Since I had no immediate takers on the Rebones thing last night, I went home and made gaspacho for the first time, instead. It was yummy, although not as tasty as the one at East Coast Grill the other week. I wonder if they'd give me their recipe :) Mine was nice and spicy, though, and heavy on the garlic. So I'm still garlicky, 18 hours later. Yum!

I'm antsy to be doing more in the kitchen, both crafty and foody. Soap date is 10/19, and on the weekend of 10/5, I'm headed up to Maine to make blueberry jam and syrup, and perhaps apple butter, and perhaps pumpkin butter, with Liz and her friend Amy. I'm really looking forward to making my yummy lamb stew again this year, too. I forget when Jack and I are doing candles, but that'll be fun, too.

I just joined a kitchen witch mailing list, which I can tell already is going to be big trouble. Soon, I'll start growing herbs in windowboxes in the kitchen, and brewing concoctions in my cauldron. Woohoo!
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Cell phones

I'm thinking of upgrading my mobile phone plan, and probably changing providers, too. What provider do you use, and would you recommend them? Advice on specific phones?