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ruthless compassion
17 September 2002 @ 09:22 am
So, last night the dream was that I was on another boat-like trip with Jack and her kids, and, presumably, others, but they were off doing something else. But this time the boat was a space shuttle, and we were touring various planets. It was hard to find food that we liked and that was sustaining, and we did a lot of walking around in our bare feet. I tipped myself over backwards off the rail of the ship at one point and found myself falling toward a big, brightly-lit planet, but somehow I ended up back on board with my heart in my throat without landing. *phew*

The BVIs were more relaxing, if less exotic.
ruthless compassion
17 September 2002 @ 05:13 pm
There's nothing quite like going out in the middle of the afternoon to get shnockered with the boss, boss's boss, etc. Good margarita. I should drink more.

In other news... sushi? tonight? bluefin? Let me know if you're interested.