October 22nd, 2002


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The strange and vivid dreams continue. Most recently Mack's daughter, Caroline starred in an attempt to get on American Idol (about which I know almost nothing beyond the fact that the contract those kids sign is utterly shameful) and then I was on a hiking/boating trip with mom where we had to find a place to stay in a resort town where there were no rooms available, and then that morphed into being with Liz needing to find a dinghy to get us to our boat where we would sleep, and Zach popped up in the middle of that so we had to take care of him. Exhausting -- no wonder I have trouble waking up these days -- I'm so busy in my dreams!

I love fall, and I'm happy with the cooler weather, but it would be nice if Harvard would turn on the heat in our building.

This weekend looks to be Applefest, and perhaps Pearfest if I can talk Kim into it. But now, I'm off to sushi with Aileen.
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