November 1st, 2002


No, that's not symbolic at all. Why?

So, the dream du jour was a trip to CA, where I was doing something mundane but left my backpack sitting somewhere stupid. After a day of doing whatever it was, I come back to find my backpack still there, but emptied of wallet, books, etc. Duh. So then I spend the rest of the dream worrying about how I'm going to get home, since I'm in CA, and my ID's been stolen. Searching for an ID, finding replacement IDs but will they work, etc. Hmmm.
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What's grosser than gross?

Two weeks ago, Melissa carved a pumpkin. She named it Henri. It was cute, if somewhat large. Nice eyelashes. The weeks passed. Henri began to, um, soften around the bottom. Henri began to tilt and sag and wrinkle. Eventually (last night), Henri began to leak. Henri had a couple of small, moldy cracks on the bottom. Henri was stinky, and still leaking. I emailed Melissa to check in, and it turns out she's out of town until Monday or Tuesday. Henri will not make it that long, so I must deal with Henri. Ew. Henri is now in the trash. Ew.
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