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ruthless compassion
26 November 2002 @ 11:03 am
The cold still hasn't fully settled in, which is good, but it lingers, which is bad. I think the dry air isn't helpful, and I need to be more diligent about drinking a lot, both during the day and at night. It's a pain to get up and pee 4 times in a night, though.

The cat has taken to sleeping with me, which I love. I really miss having a cat. All of the pets here seem a little insane. Too much proximity with my parents, I guess :) (Hi, Mom & Dad!)

Skiing this afternoon, if it gets warmer, and I feel better, which is likely, as days tend to feel better than nights. And tomorrow, I'll do some Thanksgiving baking. Whee :)
I'm feeling: lazylazy
I'm listening to: NPR
ruthless compassion
26 November 2002 @ 07:13 pm

Which HP Kid Are You?

Not too surprising :)
I'm feeling: hungryhungry
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