ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

today's view of the future

So, I'm looking at the requirements to go to school to be a translator and I'm feeling discouraged. What's so bad? Nothing surprising, of course, but the hurdle of getting to essentially perfect Spanish feels daunting right now, and I have to do that before I enter a translation/interpretation program. Oof.

All of this makes me worry about long term financial planning (even though I have two very generous offers of help from my parents and from one of their friends, which will be, obviously, awesome), even if I plan to do it in Argentina, where costs should be fairly lower than the US. And then there's the issue of leaving the US for more than a few months this time, which has its own chapter of problems and challenges (although also excitement, I'll admit).

And then I have to wonder if I shouldn't just track down a job in Argentina, so I can get my feet on the ground and be doing the Spanish thing every day, like it or not. In which case, I should forget this job search right now, get a temp job for the next couple of months, and be planning the hell out of things until February or March when I would take off.

*sigh* Won't someone make some decisions for me and just tell me the best option, already? Or, better yet, just let me be doing what I want to be doing, without obstacles!?

(The first person who tells me that overcoming obstacles builds characters gets it.)

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