January 9th, 2003


Woke up singing

So. This morning, I woke myself up with my singing. I was having a funny dream, wherein there was singing, and I didn't want to sing because I was feeling self-conscious about it, and I didn't know the words, but then someone started whispering the words to me, and lots of people were singing, so I charged in. And woke myself up.

Figures :)
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About a year and half ago, my office moved to a new building, where my officemate and I scored a nice office with a WINDOW. It's been really great to be able to see outside during the day, and I overlook the roof of the parking garage, and also the entrance to the daycare, so I get to make faces at the kids going by in the morning and evening.

Our group has shrunk a ton in the last year, and when we originally moved here, we split into two clusters in the building. Now Mack (the officemate) and I are the only ones left in our area, and there's an office for us in the other area, but it doesn't have a window. So our dilemma is whether or not to move to the new, windowless, cavelike office for the sake of group cohesion, or to stay on the periphery and keep the windows.

This is a hugely difficult decision, as both factors impact quality of life at work. We miss being around people in our group, and we feel like we're on the outskirts, but being able to see the weather has had an amazing impact on my mood, especially in the winter, when I basically don't otherwise see sunlight the rest of the time.

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