January 10th, 2003


which is better?

In a chocolate covered ice cream novelty, of the klondike bar or dove bar variety, the ideal obviously involves high quality chocolate and high quality ice cream. Barring that, though, which is better: High quality chocolate on average ice cream, or average chocolate on high quality ice cream?

It's the difficult questions that keep me up nights.
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some days

Some days, I get really tired of mosaic stuff. Part of me wants to cut and run, and come back when/if I can afford it.

In particular today, the associate/equity distinction continues to be problematic -- for those not in the loop, this is basically the distinction between people who've put in major moneys and those who haven't -- I being a member of the latter. But I do a lot of work, and I'm very committed to the project (as 2 years' involvement shows) so it tweaks me when that difference is used as the primary one in talking about recognition of investment/involvement.

And I can't help ultimately then feeling like just saying, "Fuck it, I don't need this shit," and cutting loose.

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