February 5th, 2003


What I'll do in the fall

Okay, so following on the heels of the so-far peak of the quarter-life crisis, I have a rough plan:

* August 31: Lease ends -- stuff will be in storage or backpack. Maybe bum around Boston for a week or so and...
* Sept 6 (ish) fly to wherever I'm going.
* Sept 8 - 19: Learn Spanish at some language programmy type thing
* Sept 22 - November: Do volunteer type work
* December: Travel
* Home for winter holidays of some variety

Now I just have to decide:

* What country?
* What language program?
* What volunteer program?


As to the first question, I'm kinda waffling between Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina, but I bet good arguments could be made for Honduras, Nicaragua, Venezuela... Argh! Decisions...
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...or I could do a really intensive language program for the whole time I'm there, or do language and travel, or...

Boy, it's a good thing I'm giving myself several months to plan for this!

I'm also waffling between totally excited and wanting to go TOMORROW and being really scared and wondering what the hell I'm thinking. Wow.
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