February 17th, 2003


Craft and social day: Saturday, 3/22

I've finally learned to knit, so I'm inspired to host a crafty social day at my apartment in Brookline on Saturday, March 22. I'll be here all day, and people are welcome to arrive any time starting in the early afternoon.

Dinnery stuff will be provided or ordered, depending on who's here and what we want to eat. You should bring your craft supplies, because, since I've just started down the knitting path, I only have supplies for my current project. I expect there to be people willing and able to teach crafts to people who don't have any of their own, too :)

You're welcome to come even if you're not crafty (yet).

Kids are welcome but the apartment is not childproofed and won't be.

People who can teach the host (me :) how to spin with a drop spindle get treated to sushi on a later date.

Bring friends!

Please RSVP; I'll post a reminder closer to the date, too.
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snow and severance

It's snowing and snowing and snowing! It makes me happy :) This is a nice thing to come back to from vacation. Much better than bitter cold, especially when the vacation was in California!

I really hope Harvard gives us the day off tomorrow. The weather info line isn't saying right now, but it would be kinda ridiculous for us to have to go in. I bet no one will be in, even if things are "officially" open. Well, I'll bring my knitting, 'cause I'm low on work projects at the moment.

In other work-related news, I had been thinking that Harvard gives two weeks of severance pay for each year worked, but, in fact, they only give ONE! They're so damn cheap, I can't believe it. I mean, they've got more money than they know what to do with, and they can't even give a good severance package. Well, a month of severance is nice, but two would be much better! Of course, that's assuming I can manage to get laid off in the first place, and at a time that "works" without me having to find something to fill the gap before Guatemala. Anytime after July 1 would be fine, before that would mean using savings for bills, and I'd rather keep it in savings!

Well, I should just be glad I have savings, so this is a happy problem, in the grand scheme of things. And if I get laid off at all, any severance is nice, as opposed to if I have to quit and not get severance. I wonder how unemployment works if I quit, too? Hmm.
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