February 18th, 2003



I just had a really really nice vacation.

Then I had a couple of totally relaxing days at home, including a snow day, which is among life's best little surprises.

Then I have a two day work week (!), a date with penk, and then a crafty weekend with razil, plus cooking by Scott and probably lobsters!

I'm going to Guatemala in the fall.

I'm learning to knit, which I've been wanting to do forever, I'm learning all sorts of other fabulous crafts.

My life is full of fabulous people, lots of love and warmth, time to myself and time with them...

I have the best life ever!


On my recent trip to California, United Airlines broke the wheel of my luggage, thereby rendering it less than mobile. This was annoying, especially because they disclaim responsibility for "exterior features" like wheels (or feet or handles or straps, etc). So they gave me some most-likely-useless travel coupons. Whee, or something.

I was due for new luggage, anyway, so I went online and browsed around. And I've just purchased my first-ever matching luggage set! In red! How exciting! (It's the little things.) I disregarded Adam's advice to get Samsonite, because I'm too cheap, and macthud's advice to get luggage from BJ's because I'm too impatient, and I got 10% off, and free shipping from ebags.

I feel so... so yuppie!
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