March 10th, 2003


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I had a pretty packed weekend, starting with hanging out with Hawkegirl on Friday for some fiberarts (my scarf is coming along! I'm almost done with the 3rd of 4 skeins) and keeping her and Aubrey company while she worked on her bathroom mosaic. I'm struck by how painstaking that kind of work is. I can see how fabulous it will be when it's done, but wow.

Then Friday night I had a Mosaic Commons meeting to go over the details and how to handle the meeting on Sunday. Then Saturday, I got to sleep in and then go to a Consensus workshop for MC. Saturday night at Homeport, was nice, other than Gabe's getting sick, and then, around 3AM, I got sick.

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Four urgent trips to the bathroom in 4 hours made the last half of my night a lost less restful, and I pretty much got rid of everything in my system. Spent Sunday trying, gingerly, to rehydrate, and got a nap in, which helped, and I managed to survive (and facilitate, even!) the MC meeting Sunday afternoon. By the end of that, I was feeling a lot better, but stuck with liquids. Catya brought me a bowl of miso soup from Bamboo, and I had some instant miso, too, which really hit the spot.

Happily, I'm feeling nearly 100% this morning, and I'm back on solids (yay!) which is especially nice since I have dinner plans with Dbangtonight. I'm still feeling cautious about what I eat, but at least I can consider food :)

Some weekend!

food and wool

Had a lovely dinner date with dbang, and the food was good, and it didn't make my tummy unhappy! Yay! She's fun :)

And then she wanted to see my spindles, so I brought them out, and demonstrated, with the singles falling apart midway through the demo, of course. Ugh. That's the first time I've spun at all since my very frustrating stretch last week. But! It inspired me to work on it more after Diana left, so I did, and I managed to get the singles to hold together! Yay! So I'm back on track.
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