March 16th, 2003


I'm a sicky (and not in the fun way)

Well. After having a norovirus LAST weekend, I came down with a sore throat this week. It started out pretty mild on Tuesday, got worse overnight, until I got up around 2 to eat something so I could take some ibuprofen and see if that would help me be able to get more sleep.

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I managed three doses (4 a day) of penicillin on Thursday, and by Thursday night, my throat was still really sore, but not with the acute pain of earlier, so I managed to sleep like the nearly-dead, since I was so pooped from the night before. I've been improving steadily, and as of yesterday, when I had a really lovely lunch with ghislaine, I can enjoy food again! At my worst, my throat was so sore and my mouth in weird health, that food didn't taste particularly good, and mosly just aggravated my throat. I assumed the culture would come back positive for strep, since the penicillin was obviously helping, and when I called in Saturday, that was the case.

So now I've had strep, and I get to look out for the fun side effects of antibiotics, which I haven't taken in at least a decade. Anyone have anti-yeast advice other than yogurt and acidophilus?
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