March 21st, 2003


wine and closets

After cancelling my date with penk last night, hawkegirl talked me into coming to her house and learn how to make wine! And since I was planning to be at her house today for her to work on her bathroom mosaic, I slept in her closet (where she has a bed! why else would I sleep there? :) and hung out at the Hawkes' house today.

We had a really nice talk about a whole lot of things, one of which was my recent pondering about how self-image can be so far off from others' perception of the person. When I hear people talk about themselves in a way that seems to be far off how I see them, it makes me wonder in what places I do that. And then I wonder if I'd really want to know! Interesting to think about.

Winemaking (and brewing in general), I worry, could be yet another addictive habit. Oy.