April 20th, 2003


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Well, I'm home, doing some cleaning, mostly in my room, which looks better than it has in months! I chatted a bit with the roommates about my dislike of a cleaning schedule, and they agreed, and actually said they didn't think they'd stick to it even if we HAD one. So that was good. I also commented that I felt bad about not helping when they write email about having a messy house, since they always do it when I'm away for the day or weekend or something so that by the time I get home, things have already been cleaned! They said they don't feel grumpy about it, which was a relief. I told them that the way for things to work best for me, on the cleaning front, would be for people to do what they see to be done, and if they don't want to, to just email the others and ask someone to do it in the next couple of days. They agreed this would be a good approach, so I'm feeling pretty good about all that.

I booked my tickets for another trip to the SF area at the end of May, and I'm starting to think about a summer trip home, maybe in July. I've gotta figure out my work plans for the summer and then go from there.

I wonder if I have any good food in the house?
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