April 28th, 2003



First off, a big sorry to DC folks that I totally failed to even try to schedule a get-together with you all! I realized that no scheduling would be simple, and my main point in being there was to see my mom and her friend, so I'll just have to come visit you all another time :)

It was a very nice visit, but I'm sorry it was so brief. I really enjoyed the train ride, especially on the way down, when it was kinda like watching spring unfurl as I travelled south. We stayed in a big house on the water in Annapolis - very posh - and I got to try French food for the first time! Very tasty.

Thursday, we went to the Natural History Museum, which is my favorite, because I like the gem and mineral exhibit. I'm somewhat baffled by the entrancement people show toward the Hope Diamond and all the other fancy cut and set jewels, when some of the less expensive stuff is, to my mind, more interesting, and those displays were a lot less crowded! Well, I guess I'm just as glad that no one was crowding me out of the way to check out the variegated tourmalines :) We also visited the Hirshorn Art Museum, which had some good and some bad and some baffling art. Also, a small sculpture park that has nothing on the DeCordova.

And then Friday, it was back on the train to head north, back into pre-spring. Overall, it was a good trip, if a bit full of talk of caring for elderly parents, which is a little weird to talk about with one's own not-yet-elderly parent. It's always fun to stay in big expensive houses and pretend that you live there, too.


I danced and sang and danced and danced and shopped and danced and danced and danced! It was great!

I did Saturday and Sunday at the NEFFA festival, my first year attending (finally!). Next year, I hope I'll be able to do all sessions, because there was just so much to try! Among new things, ghislaine and I tried a contra style called triplets, which was interesting, but challenging, especially when your triplet ends up with more inexperienced folks than not. penk and I did some Scottish country dances, which were very nice, as well as English country dances, also nice, and similar enough to contras that I could mostly muddle through.

I bought a pair of jazz shoes for dancing, and I can tell already that they'll be a good addition! We went to a really cool singalong session with some kind of songs where all the different parts have different words and tunes and come together on one word -- anyone know what those are called and where I might find some with words and music?

But, truely, the highlight of the weekend were the contras. I had a hard time with some of them, but for the most part, I felt really, really competent, which is always pleasant. After deciding that I wasn't ready to brave a contra medley, I let myself get sucked into the one on Saturday, in a hall that was just incredibly packed, and it was totally awesome and fun and I just wanted it to keep going! *bounce* There were also some really great contras with new and unusual patterns, and it was fun to try them out. I did the medley on Sunday, too, in the same hall, which was really quite a lot less crowded, I'm glad to say, and it was just terrific.

I was pooped by the end of the weekend, and I slept about 10 hours last night, and I'm not really sore at all, which is nice. I actually feel like I could have done MORE dancing, and I wish I could! I'll have to get the next bunch of good dances to attend from mew and see what seems doable. And, one of these days, damnit, I'm gonna get to a Greenfield dance. Woo!
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I've liked my roommates this year, but, as ever, there have been problems. They're fairly mainstream, though mostly inoffensively so, other than their tendancy to put blue stuff in the toilet and buy insect poison for use in the kitchen (ew!). But I've "lost" a lot of things this year. Little things, mostly, and, really, nothing that's a tragic loss, but the whole IDEA of it aggravates me! Most recently, my food containers (tupperware-esque stuff) are missing, and I -know- I didn't even get a chance to use them! ARGH!
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