April 29th, 2003


room in brookline?

There's a chance one of my roommates will need to leave the apartment early. Is anyone interested in a sublet (with the option to renew the lease in sept) from june - august?

Coolidge Corner, Brookline (so no on-street overnight parking) - first floor 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment. No washer/dryer. Rent ~$700/mo, including heat & hot water, ~$60/mo for other utilities.

Queer-friendly, laid-back, etc.

*gritting teeth*

You know those people who, just by opening their mouths, grate on your nerves? The ones who, no matter how reasonable their message, manage to put it into a phrase that rubs you up the down side and down the up side, whose attitudes raise your hackles and make you want to throw them off the top of a tall building...

It really sucks when you have to interact with that kind of person every day.
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