June 23rd, 2003



Wet wet wet! Despite the rain, I enjoyed the weekend. It was fun to go this year with a whole crew of friends, and that worked out well for setting up a little tent village off the main path, too, which was perfect for when I wanted to be around people but not quite SO MANY people as were packed into the house or under the tarp just outside the house.

Camper camping is pretty luxurious, and that was fine by me, especially in the wet wet wet weather! I had been expecting it to be warmer than it was, so I could have done with one more layer, but I did okay, overall.

The drives up and back were fun. We had CBs so we could chat between the three cars, which was super for coordinating rest stops and for general chatting. That made it feel much more like we were travelling together, and not just three separate cars going to the same place. dbang, coyotejen and I, along with the Rosevear boys, were in the van, so we got to do a Whole Lot of Gossipping, which was really fun. penk, jacflash, fraterrisus, Pete, Zach and Bethan were in the suburban, and qwrrty, keyne and Morgan and Quinn in their van. So far as I can tell, they did geography puzzles for much of the trip. :)

There were lots of fun people there, as well as a few who drive me up a tree, but I mostly managed to avoid them. Since Kim wasn't around, I got Most Favored Adult status for much of the weekend, especially with cutie Bethan, which was fun. There's something oddly flattering about a kid insisting that Rosa has to be the one to take her to the portajohn.

Lots of yummy and interesting ice cream flavors were made, of course. I tried fewer flavors this year than last, because I decided I'd pass on most of the ones that just didn't sound appealing. Among my favorites were hawkegirl's Pomegranate Rose Cordial Sorbet, an Earl Grey with honey and lemon sorbet, thai tea ice cream, almond roca ice cream and pretty much all of the spicy flavors, especially Chocolate Coyote and Amaretto Habañero.

I was awfully glad to get home, primarily because I was really tired of being damp damp damp. Also, the shower was damn nice. Of course, now it's back to the grind, and apparently it's supposed to get into the 90s this week! Rapid temperature changes do not do good things for my mood. At least the nights are supposed to cool down to reasonable.
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Do you think it's important to let people in your life make their own mistakes? If you see someone going down a "dangerous" path (or one that seems so to you), do you talk to them about it, or steer them in another direction, or just try to be there for them if/when they get hurt or make a mistake? Why do you think you do what you do? And how does it relate to the position you take in relationships?
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For my time in Guatemala, I want to have some good music with interesting vocals but no English lyrics. I want some peppy bouncy stuff, and some mellow rhythmic stuff, and I'm open to other ideas, too. Stuff like Delerium would be very good. Any ideas?