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ruthless compassion
24 June 2003 @ 11:57 am
My friend coyotejen is doing a really cool hike called Wilderness Heals through the Elizabeth Stone House, "a feminist alternative mental health program." She's doing a bunch of ebay auctions of donated items (including a basket of soap and lip balms made by yours truly!) -- go to ebay and search for "elizabeth stone house" (the auctions aren't up right now, but they will be soon -- I'll post when they're active). If the Elizabeth Stone House sounds like a place you'd like to donate money, you can do it online, and you can sponsor Jen's hike (she's still looking to raise some of the money she committed to) that way, too.

This has been my vicarious good deed for the day :)
ruthless compassion
24 June 2003 @ 05:01 pm
This summer, I will:

* go to Walden Pond at least once, and swim way out to the middle
* have a picnic
* stargaze
* appreciate a sunrise
* eat watermelon and get into a seed fight (may have to visit kcat's parents to pull this one off)
* go canoeing
* sleep in a lot!
* enjoy the heat
* try three totally new things (suggestions welcome)
* figure out health insurance for guatemala trip (and buy it)
* get and give massages
* get my tattoo (maybe)
I'm feeling: yay, summer!