June 30th, 2003



Today, I do two jittery things:

First, I hand in my resignation, effective July 18. This is jittery because it's the biggest, most concrete step I've taking in the direction of my Guatemala trip. After this, it seems a lot more real. (A lot of people have been asking when I'm leaving -- my plan is to leave Sept 6 (ish). I'm taking some extra weeks in the summer so I can relax and enjoy my last few weeks here without worrying about work.)

Second, I go to the doctor and get shots. I'm not good with needles. I usually do okay when getting one shot, but the last time I got multiple shots in a row (3), I passed out. I hope I can avoid that today.
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Six Flags!

Saturday, a bunch of Mosaic folks went to Six Flags near Springfield. This was my first time at an amusement park in AGES (at least a decade!), and it was a BLAST! I nearly didn't go because of some digestive oog the night before, and because, although I bought a discounted ticket through agaran, it hadn't arrived in the mail in time for me to use it, so I would have to pay full price at the door, and I wasn't sure it would be worth it. At nearly the last minute, I decided I would go, so I threw my stuff together and met osmos at Alewife to drive out.

We were the first ones there, and the rest of us soon gathered at the front steps. I waited in a long line to pay, and then a longer line to actually get in, but once there, it wasn't too painfully crowded. I'm surprised, actually, that they don't have a better system for handling folks at the entrance, since it wasn't a packed day and even so it was really slow to get in the gates.

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That essentially capped our day, and by then it was nearly 9:30! So we said goodbye to Kai, Emma, Pascal and San, and Liz, osmos and I got some treats before heading to the car. Got home, entirely pooped, around midnight. An excellent day! I hope to go back for a weekday later this summer. Let me know if you're interested!
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