July 22nd, 2003



It's always difficult to say goodbye to close friends, even for a short period of time, so spending yesterday with Kristin, and, in the evening, Josh, was a mixed bag. It was a nice day, even though Kristin was all discombobulated by her sister's sudden and unexpected c-section in the morning after signs of placental abruption when her bag of waters broke.

I think part of what I'm struggling with here is saying goodbye to them as they move to Philly (so it's not like it's the end of the earth) is that I'm also dealing with my own stresses in advance of my trip, so their departure seems somehow the more traumatic for that.

On the other hand, I'm really happy for them. So. Yay and boo and all that.

Also, Kristin gave me (well, loaned me) her mosquito sleep net, so that's another thing I can check off my list AND that I don't have to worry about buying for myself! Yay! Now, though, I need to find permethrin to spray it. I wonder if REI carries that.
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For my birthday, I want a visit from the laundry fairy.

But since that's unlikely, and, really, I need it before next week, I'm doing laundry today. Bleh.

happy things!

* clean sheets!
* clean socks
* clean underwear
* clean me!
* having laundry done
* sleeping in
* ice cream
* limeade
* gossip
* heavy rain!
* thunder
* mmmm
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