August 12th, 2003


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I suspect that of the whole year I've been in this apartment, the time when I'm MOST going to regret the lack of washer and dryer in the unit will be when I'm packing my stuff up for storage. The curtains need washing before getting packed, as do sheets, towels, throw rugs...
I'd love to be able to throw them in the washer in the basement, do some packing, take them out of the dryer before they get a chance to soak up the ambient moisture and just pack them away. Instead, I'll have to lugs them 3 blocks to the laundromat, waste a bunch of time going back and forth, yadda yadda. Bleh.

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I love libraries. I love the concept of libraries. My first on-the-books type job was at a library, which seemed perfect, because I was such a reader, and I'm pretty okay at being organized, and, wow! it's a library!

Since then, the appeal of actually working at a library has dimmed slightly, but I still love them, especially public libraries. Pretty much anyone can go in, get a card, and check out books. Or, these days, CDs, videos, DVDs. Libraries are shared resources, and a way for me, as someone who would prefer not to accumulate books as fast as I consume them, to get my fix.

For the last year or so, I've mostly been borrowing books from friends. Homeport has a lot of books, and I've been working through them, rather than visiting the various town libraries. I recently rediscovered the magic of the local library, though, and I've been working my way through the books I checked out there.

Today, I was reminded of another thing I like about libraries, or, more specifically, about reading books from the library: People use all kinds of crazy things as bookmarks. What fell out of The Blue Place today was an airline ticket envelope from USAir, with cryptic handwritten notes in purple ink all over the front. In the past, I've found shopping lists, business cards, receipts...

I like the aspect of sharing a reading experience with someone who read this book before I got to it, and it's always interesting, if not always informative, to get a little more of a glimpse of the person than I ever could from a book at a store.