August 30th, 2003



Added to the to-do list: add more paid months to my lj account before I go...
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That's it.

I'm done. All of my stuff is out of the apartment. Kim and Rick, blessed souls that they are, came and helped me with the last bits of stuff, braving back-to-college weekend to do so. I took them out for lunch as a thank-you - yummy pho!

I could go back to the apartment to do more cleaning - I did a bunch of vacuuming of the floors that I could reach, and picking up odds and ends, and cleaned my stuff out of the fridge - but it seems kinda unlikely that I will.

It feels really weird! I guess the apartment is still "mine" for another day, but this feels like the "I'm officially homeless" part of the experience. Weird weird! But good, too. I'm hugely glad to be done, and to be able to focus on my trip, now. I think that means that I get to freak out about my trip, now, actually ;)

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