September 5th, 2003



This is me, up WAY too early, after not really enough sleep, posting my last from in-country. Many thanks to everyone who's been so supportive, from the people who encouraged me in this crazy idea when it first popped into my head, to the folks who've been emailing me "woohoo!"s and other bright notes, to my closest friends and family, who've put up with all kinds of emotional weirdness from me the past couple of months.

I'm on the roller coaster, buckled in, after standing in that 90 minute line, creeping up the long ascent before the giant hill.


Next time, from Central America.
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Ciudad de Guatemala!

I arrived safely in Guatemala City early this afternoon. There was a long line getting through customs, and I didn´t get to my hotel until close to 3pm. I´m in Zona 1, a very urban area, which all the guidebooks warn about being out after dark (which I am, now, but I only have to go a block to get back to my hotel)

I spent a fair bit of the afternoon -- after recovering from the ordeal of trying to make myself (haltingly) understood at customs, changing money, taxi, hotel -- walking around. I bought a book, some postcards, and did a lot of people watching. It´s strange to think that just this morning I was in Boston!

Tomorrow, I head to Quetzaltenango on an early bus (if all goes as planned), and then Sunday, I meet my homestay family. With luck, I´ll get a seat on the bus and not have to stand for 4 hours :)

I could go on and on, but my main goal here was to get online and let folks know I´m safe and sound, if somewhat disbelieving at the things I get myself into :)
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