September 8th, 2003



I typed up a really fascinating account of the past couple of days and then lost it when trying to save it, so... here goes try 2.

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I had my first day of classes today, and I can say that 5 hours of instruction will be quite enough each day to keep my mind very full! I like my instructor very much, which is nice for this first week. We talked about the political situation a lot, and about rules of grammar a bit, too. I even have homework! Tomorrow, I go to the papeleria for some index cards and notebooks!

In other exciting news, I have a mailing address and phone number:
c/o PLQ
Apdo. 114
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, CA
(if you send me a package, it may be opened, so don´t send anything expensive)
Phone: 011-502-763-1061
This is the school phone, and I´m not sure when I´ll be around, but mornings are better, because I have classes in the afternoon (2-7) Right now, we´re on Mtn time, so 2 hours behind you east coast folks.

Last thing before I sign off is to wish penk a muy feliz cumpleaños!