January 8th, 2004



Hmm. There was a whole slew of memes that went around while I was in Guatemala, that I thought would be fun but I didn't have the attention/focus to do them at the time. Why didn't I put them into memories or something for easy retrieval? Sheesh.

Who remembers good memes from the fall that you think I should do? :)


(inspired by a comment from hawkegirl)

I'm not particularly big into magic, but it's interesting to think about strengths and what they are, in the context of the idea of a superpower. So, what ARE my superpowers?

I think my first one is that I'm able to look at the bright side of almost anything. This doesn't mean I don't get bummed out or depressed, but it does mean that it usually doesn't last too long and overall, I'm very much inclined to make the best of everything. Lemons, lemonade, etc. I think this is a good thing, that also, of course, has its down side (ie, I'm willing to put up with non-ideal situations because even if they're not great, I'm making the best of them -- this ends up putting a lot of inertia into life-change) but I think it's my primary superpower. It's related to the funny way my brain works, and how I make connections.

My second superpower (combination) is my confidence and adaptability. I'm not without insecurities or problems, but my foundational confidence is really high, which allows me to roll with whatever punches that come along fairly well.

What am I forgetting? And what are your superpowers?