February 22nd, 2004


yarns yarns yarns!

Yesterday, I went with trom, Seth, kcatalyst, and their friend, Mary, to Stitches West, a fiberarts conference in Oakland. I was looking for yarn for a hat for Zach, who has requested a blue and black hat. I didn't find yarn for that, but I did find a whole lot of gorgeous yarns. I learned again that my yarn preferences are a tad pricey. Damned preferences.

At the end, I found a ton of yarns that I liked in the booth of Interlacements. I've been thinking recently about trying to make a sweater, and I bought two fabulous yarns for that project. Next, I need to find a pattern and the courage to start. But I'm really excited about it!

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Hey, non-lj-users

Mom, Joanna, and other readers who don't have livejournal accounts: I'm going to start screening comments from "anonymous" folks (people sans accounts) because I've gotten some spam in the form of comments. Don't take it personally, and feel free to keep commenting :)