March 29th, 2004



I dreamed last night that I was pregnant (well, mostly I dreamed of giving birth, which basically went like this: "push!" *whew* that was fast!) and that after giving birth to a girl, I decided I wasn't quite ready, so I put her back in. Then I went home, decided that NOW I was ready, and took her out again. Then she started nursing and we went to bed.

This obviously means that I may not be ready for whatever idea I'm gestating when it actually comes to fruition, but that I will be able to hold onto it until I am ready, and that at that time, I'll be able to grow it without much trouble.

I'm reassured that my subconscious, at least, feels comfortable with my current upheaval :)

houston! tonight!

Ladies! We are attempting to figure out our plans for tonight. Options that we have come up with:

razil and I cook here and you all come over.
We all dine on our own and meet up at The Melting Pot for chocolate fondue for dessert.
We all meet for dinner somewhere tasty.

I know that money is a limitation for some, so...

What makes the most sense?