April 23rd, 2004



People often talk about their favorite herbs. Today, we're talking about herbs we hate.

I actively dislike licorice-y flavors. I'm not a huge fan of dill, but in moderation, it's okay. But the herb that I really can't stomach, and that I can't understand how ANYONE can like it, is cilantro. Ew.

What herbs do you hate?
menorah dance


This evening is the first of four sessions of NEFFA! Woo! I haven't been contra dancing since I got back from Guate (which is ridiculous, since I had a huge jones to dance when I got back), so I'm having the usual "gosh, I hope I still remember how" quavers at the moment. Intellectually, I'm sure I will, though, so I'm really excited.

Whee! Dancing! *leap* *frolic* *cavort*

If you will be there, keep an eye out for me, as I hope to be there most of the weekend! I'll have my phone with me, but probably not so much for chatting as for picking up messages.

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