April 27th, 2004


Burning Man

I've been hearing about the Burning Man festival for more than a decade. My first impression of it was twofold: 1) So a bunch of wanna-be hippies go spend a week in the desert in the heat of summer? and 2) What kind of idiot goes to the desert in high summer? (Note: I love deserts. It has taken me a while to grow to appreciate them, but now that I do... wow. They are a beauty of the world not for the faint of heart.)

In more recent years, as I've heard more about Burning Man, my opinion has changed: 1) Wow, that sounds really interesting, maybe I'll do it someday, and 2) But now it's all trendy. How lame. (and 3) What kind of idiot goes to the desert in high summer?)

But, since I'm living a footloose and fancy-free life right now, I'm back to considering it. I don't necessarily have anyone I'd camp with, or any ideas about what I might do, but... there's still something appealing about it. Ve shell see.

Alternately, I could fill a backpack with food for a month and disappear into the mountains. That sounds good, too.

note to self

Before galavanting off to Guatemala again, please do the following:

* return books to library so as to avoid the repo librarian
* withdraw some money so you can, like, do stuff down south
* pack
* remember to bring a) yummy teas and b) nice toilet paper
* refill birth control pills

For the rest of you:

Any requests?