April 30th, 2004



I have, now and always, in my life, many reasons to be thankful. This week, I am especially grateful for the flexibility I have and the many options that life and my choices up until now have delivered me.

Three weeks ago, I was looking for apartments to start in May or June, and then a chance conversation got me thinking about traveling to Guatemala again, and in two days, I will be back there for a short month. I'm lucky that my life allows for that kind of last minute planning, in terms of time, money and willingness.

I got back from Guatemala (part 1) at the end of December. I've been doing a lot of travel since then, which has been greatly facilitated by the willingness of Homeportians to have me camp in their house when I'm in the Boston area. This has been especially impactful on penk and catya, both of whom have been really fabulous to me in all of my changeability.

I am in the midst of a storm of decision-making as to the Next Step. Might it involve a job? Schooling? More travel? All of these seem likely. It is a rare and wonderful thing to have a plethora of options, and while I might, some days, wish to have a clearer path, I can't say that I've got it bad, by any stretch. And I'm awfully glad that my parents raised me in an environment where the winding path into the hills is also the most attractive.