May 9th, 2004


(no subject)

Mike and Judy's despedida last night was really nice. I expected not to know anyone but them and Gabe (Proyecto's current coordinator) and his girlfriend, but... lo and behold, there were several other people I knew from my time here last fall! That was a benefit I didn't consider about returning sooner than later -- I would get to see some people I already know!

Gabe and Mike broke out the guitars and there was much singing, mostly of partial songs, as there were few, if any, for which we remembered all the words. But it was really fun.

It turns out that four mangoes a day seems to be some kind of physical limit. The less said about that the better.

Today, I slept in, had a mellow morning, and spent the early half of the aftrenoon talking about religion and spiritual beliefs, america indians in the US, and the ancient greeks with my host mom (yay, discovery channel!) She's a very interesting person. Her daughters are 25 and 13, her first husband was in the army but died in 1980 (I haven't asked about details for that, as I'm not sure I want to know. That's dead center of Rios Montt's time in power, and, I'm just not sure how positively I would be able to respond if I knew more about her husband's role in the army.) and she didn't bother marrying the father of her second daughter, but he's still involved in the family (he spent the night at the house last night). That kind of liberal perspective on family and marriage is pretty unusual here.

I've had slews of people (okay, several) try to talk me into finding work here. It's a little strange and unexpected.