June 3rd, 2004

raven's wing

watch out!

Okay, so I seem to have sent my inner diplomat out on vacation, and I'm now out of control with saying it as I see it.

This is serious, serious trouble, for me if not for nearly everyone around me.


Okay, here's a list of the hairdos I've seen that appeal to me. I know that some of them involve very differently textured hair. I don't know exactly what my hair will do when it's short, since it's been so long, but I expect wavy or curly, depending on how I manage it after washing, thus the strange variation in styles below.

http://www.hair-news.com/fs27.html (left)
http://www.hair-styles.org/fs34.html (right)
http://www.hair-styles.org/fs38.html (right)
http://www.hair-styles.org/fs39.html (both)


Many thanks to penk, I'm in the process of getting my photos from Guatemala online. I only have two groups of photos up so far, but I expect to get the rest up tomorrow. They will all be linked off this page, where, for now, just the first two groups are.

Click through to get to pages with thumbnails and then click on the thumbnails to get full sized photos with comments.