June 6th, 2004


I'm a bad phone friend

I had a time in my life when I was a phone person. It was a long time, even, probably last from roughly age 7, when I learned that I could talk on the phone for hours and it was, if not AS good as having the friend over, it was a reasonable second and it didn't involve badgering my parents or my friend's parents to drive anywhere, to roughly age 20 or 21 when I discovered irc, which, for me, is much better than the phone for many reasons. Now, I'm not much of a phone person, except with a few particular friends, and I tend to be bad about making time for making phone calls, especially when a time zone must be taken into account.

Nonetheless, I managed to carve out an hour or so tonight to call my friend Claudia, from Guatemala, who is now in San Francisco. We hadn't chatted since I was in Houston in March, so we had lots to catch up on, including my May visit to Guate and her case for asylum here in the US. And it was very nice to spend an hour speaking Spanish. penk often urges me to speak Spanish around him and Zach, but, well, I'm no good at monologues, so I made the call while they were both around, and got a gratifyingly sweet reaction from both of them, although Zach wins for the entranced/bemused expression on his face.

I have several friends who I can't keep up with via chat or email, and I should make more of an effort to find the time to catch up with them via phone on a regular basis of intervals less than 6-8 months. Of course, with all the travel this year it's been crazy, but that's a worthy goal for the summer.
naughty wosa

home again, home again, jiggedy jig

They say opportunity only knocks once. It turns out that sometimes it will get insistent and knock several times. After I had chatted with mrf_arch about moving into his spare room, dbang pointed me at the room listing of miss_chance last week because she thought it sounded up my alley. I waffled on whether or not to respond, since I'd already spoken with mrf about his place, but in the end, my worry about the locational challenges of Medford spurred me into responding, and in the next day or so, several people leapt out of the woodwork to enthuse about how keen miss_chance and totient (I think that's the right lj username) are.

Now, the reason I say this opportunity knocked several times is that catya had forwarded me something about their search for roommates A While Ago, but that was when I was too up-in-the-air to be seriously considering much and I didn't feel like I had the energy to explain my situation to new people. And I think that hawkegirl mentioned something to me about it a while ago, too. So, apparently, I'm kinda dense. I like to think I'm in a place in my life where life provides me with fabulous opportunities and I leap upon them like the brave adventurer that I am, but it actually looks like sometimes these opportunities have to club me over the head and drag me into a dark alley and have their way with me before I notice they're there.

Anyway, I will be moving my basic stuff this week, probably Tuesday/Wednesday, and I'm really excited because it's in my ideal location, and it's a really nice place, and I'm excited about the roommates and about having a HOME (Picture me, falling over. I'll have an actual home. Holy moly.) I hope I can find all the screws to my bed. (No jokes about loose screws, please. :)