June 8th, 2004


moving day!

Venus has successfully transitted the sun, so I figure I'll continue with my day as planned.

First, I will finish jamming stuff into catya's car, and penk and I will drive into town, unload all the stuff into my room, put my bed together (I hope we'll have time for this, although it's not the end of the world if I have to do it on my own), and then he will go west again to pick up Zach for playgroup, and I will go to Harvard Square for a haircut.

So that means we should take some photos for the before and after effect today.

I have lots of processing to sort through on both of these things, but... it'll have to wait :)

secret ingredients

Do you have any recipes that involve secret ingredients? (ie, ingredients that you won't tell people consuming the dish/beverage/whatever, or that you won't tell until after they've tried it)

What are they? (Yes, yes, I know you won't share the secret ingredient -- I meant, what's the recipe FOR?)

hour 7 in new apartment

To do list for today:

Move stuff (check)
Get haircut (check)

Because my uncle is out of town, the bulk of the moving, even of the stuff I'm actually going to move in the next couple of weeks, which is, sadly, not all of my stuff, is on hold until Thursday, which is, on one hand, difficult because I love the unpacking, moving-in process and I feel impatient, and on the other hand, great because today's weather was too warm for moving fun. Of course, it's supposed to rain Thursday, but at least it'll be cooler. Because I don't have things to put stuff into/on (shelves, dressers, etc), I can't really unpack the smallish amount of stuff penk and I did move today, but... my bed is mostly put together and it's nice to be here. It's not quite "home", yet, but I did some minor cooking, and I think that it will be pretty soon. I can't expect too much without having even spent the night yet :)

The haircut went very well. I have a 15" tail to send to Locks of Love, and Rob, the stylist guy, was very helpful in listening to what I wanted (off my neck, playful curly around my face) and giving me suggestions as to how to do it. The end result is sort of a soft, ear-length bob. Or something. I will, eventually, have before and after pictures. I love how it feels -- it's very bouncy and lively -- and I'm still getting used to how it looks. It may not be my ideal length (maybe chin length would be better? or shorter?) but I'll sit with it for a couple of weeks before deciding to shave it all and start from scratch or anything else crazy :)