June 12th, 2004


busy, yes

I was going to post yesterday looking for advice on places to buy bookcases, but then Aileen came over and took me to Target and I got some more of the nifty foldy ones that I have and like. It's possible that I now have enough shelf space for all the books and other shelfy things I own, but it's not likely. I hope, however, that with the shelf unit that already lives here but is not in use, that I will be all set on that front, and that's more likely.

Aileen then drove me to a couple of grocery stores so I could buy more stuff in the food department, so now I feel like I'm not simply mooching off the nicely stocked pantry that is already here. Perfect.

My room is looking more like a place where someone lives, rather than the vast, empty, echoing space of my first couple of nights, and the wild chaotic space of two nights ago. Not everything is put away, and there's lots more to do, but it's coming together!

Today, I will go out and have fun at Pride, thereby exhausting myself in a completely different way than I've been doing the past few days. It'll be good to have a change of pace, even though I really like unpacking.

I have bunches of now-empty boxes, and a couple of bags of styrofoam peanuts. If anyone would like any of these packing material items, do let me know.
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party theme

*rofl* I still haven't fully decided on my bday party theme, although dbang's fruit theme idea is a good one. But I just had to share my mom's suggestion:

How about a Guatemala theme -- you can pin the banana on Reagan, play musical evangelicals, eat corn and beans, have rolling blackouts, and throw your trash out the window then flee to the hills.
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who's your cheering section?

Recently, a friend wrote me the following:

something i've noticed this spring about you is that you're one of the most cheery people i know. it's not clear to me if having you off traveling for so long made it more apparent to me than it had been previously or if you changed during your travels. i've always known you were one of the more upbeat people i know, quick to laugh even at the horrible things, but somehow it really hit me when you've been away on your month long trips this spring. i'm usually looking forward to your coming home and hanging out with you and getting a dose of your sunny disposition.... anyway, i was just wondering if you had any thoughts on whether or not you feel like your travels made you more cheery or if it's just my perception that's different?

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