June 18th, 2004


mmm. lasagne

One of my resolutions for the summer is to do more cooking of my own food. Part of this is cost-related, since I want to save my money for fun stuff, which includes going out to dinner sometimes, but not all the time. And part of it is that I like cooking, and I want to be better at it. And part of it is because I can cook things that I would never find in a restaurant.

Anyway, last night, Aileen came over and I made a spinach and spicy-sausage lasagne. It came out great! It was very cheesy gooey, but I wilted the spinach with garlic ahead of time, which was a very nice touch (better than the frozen spinach I used in a lasagna at Homeport a couple of weeks ago). I love lasagne -- it's not a TON of work, although it's no noodles plus olive oil and garlic = eat, but typically it yields a lot of leftovers, which I also love.

I would definitely use that same sausage again -- a spicy pork sausage from Whole Foods -- and in general, the whole thing came together very nicely. And, yay! leftovers.

Today, we're off to midwestern Massachusetts for a night or two. And when I get back, I swear I'm going to finish getting my room in order!