June 21st, 2004


busy yumminess

First off, happy Dad's day to my dad, whom I failed to call because I was distracted by all the other stuff I did this weekend. *hangs head* Mom & Dad, I'll call you guys tomorrow.

I think I managed to get three days into today: There was the day of rest where I slept until 11. Then there was the day of painting, where I primed closet doors and walls and stuff with miss_chance and totient in the coming-together-library-room. There was the day of Walden, where miss_chance and Aileen and I went to Walden to swim in the long afternoon light. And finally, there was the day of delicious food, which included a yummy bit of salmon and finished off with fresh, local strawberries in especially good chocolate. So, I guess that's four days. Not bad for a Sunday!

I'm really liking this no work thing. I know I can't do it forever, and, in fact, pretty soon I should get on with working on my resume and sending it to a company or two, but for now... wow, it's awfully nice.

I'm also excited about learning a few things about how to manage a home -- like priming and painting and that sort of thing -- it's nice to get to try my hand at them in a supervised context, and it's kinda like elementary school art class all grown up -- chatting while working and playing.

I think I'd like to make a list of things I want to do, both for the summer, and for a longer time-frame. All of my ideas for the next couple of years are on hold at the moment until I see what job I find, as that will influence where I go from here. If it's a job that turns me on, I'll want to stay there for a time, and if it's not... well, then I'll need to hurry up and find out what I need to do to become a translator or interpreter, and if it's really something that'll work for me, etc. Right now, I'm greatly enjoying having a home for a change.

PS - Chocolate and strawberries. Yum. Yay!


Okay, you know those quotable magnets and cards that are so popular lately? I find many of them kinda annoying, but I like others, but I'm far to cheap to buy all the ones I like. I figure, though, that I'm smart and creative, and I can make my own! Hooray! So, I'm collecting fun quotes. I have lots that I like, and I don't think I'll use all of them, but if you have a favorite quote or several that express things that might be nice for someone (specifically me, but I might make some for gifts, too) to see on a regular basis, share!