June 22nd, 2004



I've been thinking about ways to have more Spanish in my life here in Massachusetts, and I figure that I should find some volunteer (or paid, even, maybe) work that involves speaking Spanish, but I also want to have more conversational opportunities, so I'd like to start a Spanish conversation group that might meet every couple of weeks and speak Spanish only over dinner or some such. I'm currently thinking about Sunday evenings on non-Mosaic sundays (so... 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month) but depending on interest and people's schedules, that may shift.

If you're interested, let me know, and let me know, too, what would work for your schedule. Feel free to share this with friends who might be interested. Once things are more firm, I'll post it around to more widely distributed places.


Today, I fobbed off on points the goodies I bought for him in Guatemala, and on cowgrrl the last of the boxes I was trying to get rid of. I also did laundry (wow!) and took several of the boxes of yard sale items to the basement where they can wait until I'm ready to do the yard sale, probably toward the end of the summer. What this means is that things are gradually coming together to finish off the unfinished bits of my move. I have a couple more boxes to take downstairs to wait for the yard sale or because we already have enough mugs and plates so I needn't bother unpacking mine. And then there's a tiny bit of construction to do on my room and then... it'll be totally done! That will be very cool.

I also have a bookcase to pick up at MIT and with that, I expect to have a place for everything (and soon after, perhaps, to have everything in its place).