July 7th, 2004



One of my funny little quirks relates to email sorting. I keep emails with a "to do" sort of thing in my inbox: They need a reply, or have information that's relevant to a current project or I'm saving them to read when I have enough attention. Everything I'm done with gets sorted into folders by sender, if the sender is someone with whom I exchange enough email that s/he gets hir own folder. If not, it goes into an "etc" folder, or a "web" folder (these are people who respond to my web page). I have a few topic specific folders: "mosaic" and "poly" and "poetry" and "humor" are some of them. That's all normal, more or less, I think.

Here's the quirk: male friends who are in a partnership with a female for whom I have a folder get filed under her folder. This applies to ex-boyfriends, too, and, most amusingly, resulted in a friend's wedding announcement (the wedding is to someone else) ending up in the folder of mail I have under his ex-gf's name. This is completely intuitive to me, which is why it works, but it has confused at least one person immensely. :)

What's a little quirk of yours?

graduate school?

I've been resisting the (not very tempting) lure of graduate school since I left college 6 years ago. Although I haven't been completely satisfied with my job options with just a BA, nothing has inspired me to want to go back to school. I could get a MSW and do a lot of things, but as much as the end result appeals, the actual schooling isn't very tempting to me. I could get an MBA and go in many different directions, but all I can say about the prospect of spending time, energy and money on an MBA is: "blech"

But after my experiences doing interpretation for conferences at Proyecto, I'm kinda jazzed about pursuing further training/graduate study in translation/interpretation. I can see myself enjoying the work down the line, and I feel like it's a field with growth and where there will always be opportunities for growth, and it's a really useful skill. And, best of all in the immediate term, the thought of going back to school for it doesn't make me want to run screaming.

This is a little scary because it's been a while since I was in school, and the prospect of figuring out the finances seems daunting (mom & dad, remind me to get Melinda's address from you), but UMass has a program, which would moderate cost, since I'm a resident. If I want to do this, I also need to start preparing again for the GRE. This is annoying, because I took (and kicked ass) the GRE my senior year, but the results are only usable for five years. So I'm about a year and a half late on that. Bummer.

If I apply this fall, I can go back to school next year, which seems reasonable. I should probably also consider looking into a variety of programs, just to see. First step, I suppose, is to talk to the folks in Amherst. It's on my to do list for the week.
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