July 23rd, 2004


scents, part 2

I posted that poll about scents because I really like scents. I like them light, not too strong, and, of course, when they're scents that I like (i.e., no Lady Stetson, thanks), but, in general, I'm pro-scent. What got me thinking about it was that snowy_owlet posted about Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, and in browsing their selections, several leapt out at me as, "ooh, I'd love to try that."

But that got me thinking about how almost no one in my circles wears scent, and lots of people complain about people who do. And, of course, as much as I'd love to walk around smelling of vanilla and nutmeg, I'd also really love to walk around with my friends, and not send everyone screaming into a perfume-induced headache.

I may buy some of the perfumes, anyway, sometime, just to have for myself and so I can make myself smell good in the privacy of my room, with the doors closed and the windows open, but the general consensus of avoiding scents seems pretty clear :)