July 26th, 2004


making trouble

Since I've failed to arrange for myself any active demonstration/protest action this week, I'm going to hop on the T with my trusty protest dildo (neatly embossed with the text of the 4th amendment) and head down to the Common, from where I'll wander to the North End over the course of the afternoon.

I'll have my cell phone with me; if you'd like to hook up, give me a buzz: 617-835-9943.
circular fold

DNC Fever

So, Boston this afternoon was... entirely sedate.

Well, okay, there were lots of people with Kerry/Edwards stickers, and others passing out fliers for this and that, but the most exciting thing, really, was admiring the stylish uniforms of the Transit Police. No, none of them boarded my train, but they were hanging around the entrances of several I passed, and, well *fans self*. Whoever's designing the costumes for this production is doing a GREAT job.

I even walked by the embarrassment of the so-called "Free Speech Zone", where nothing seemed to be happening. Of course, I think events really kick off tonight, so maybe later in the week, there will be more of interest.