August 2nd, 2004


dentist, job

So. Thus far today I have sent my resume in for the first job I've applied for in several years, and I've gone to the dentist.

Normally, I love going to the dentist. They ooh and ahh over my good teeth, and they make them all shiny and clean and send me on my way. Today was less exciting because I have a cavity -- a small one, but a cavity nonetheless -- which is unexciting for two reasons: first, ick, cavity and shots, and second, I still don't have dental insurance, so bleh. They also told me I'm brushing too hard, which I haven't heard before, but obviously I need to stop that.

I'm feeling very good about having started actually applying for jobs. I've been looking around and seeing a few things here and there that seem maybe tempting, but this is the first time I've actually motivated to write a cover letter and get the ball rolling. With luck, this will be a trend, and if not, well, maybe I'll get this job :)

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After not doing any serious typing, other than irc and other online fun, for a couple of years, I figured I ought to find out what my current typing speed is. According to, I'm at 95wpm. Not too shabby!
naughty wosa

honey hair

I did my first honey hair mask of the (fall) season (Yes, I know fall's not here, yet, but it doesn't hurt to start early.) and now my hair smells delightfully of honey. That's a good reason to do it more often!

Does anyone in the Boston area have a favorite local beekeeper?